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About iPhonics

iPhonics is a phonics course for kids (from kindergarten to junior primary school students). We aim to teach children English words in an interesting way.

iPhonics guarantee children to pronounce 103 words in 3 months and 1759 words in 6 months!

During the course, we will use our book iPhonics and the iPhonics cards as teaching materials.

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Lesson flow

Diagnostic Test (15 mins):

A set of tools in forms of oral or written to measure students' strength and weakness, in order to select the most suitable entry point to our programme and collect the basic parameters for our system to plan for strategy of teaching.

Greeting (1 min):
A warm welcome is the key to begin the journey of learning in harmony way.

Homework checking (5 mins):
Collecting homework assigned develops students' responsibility, and detail explainations will be given to students who meet difficulties.

Lesson flow

Igniting learning motivation (10 mins):
Organised word puzzles, quiz and activities correlated to daily life arouse students' interest towards the teaching target.


Interactive learning (20 mins):

Language-learning activities with wide variety like phonological awareness and phonics, decoding, environmental prints, sight words, morning message, invented spelling, captioned pictures, etc. leads students an exciting adventure of learning.


Assessment/ Achievement test (15 mins):

Casual but formal achievements test allow teachers and parents to manage the progress of students and enhance the confidence of students.


Grading/ Correction (5 mins):

Grading through a calibrated system with concise marking scheme is provided for students reference and corrections on mistakes make students learn through errors. 


Wrap-up (4 mins):
Teacher summarizes the gist of teaching subjects and assigns suitable amount of homework for the coming week.


Database of student history:
Student academic performance would be recorded and adjusts the teaching strategy.

Database of public exam and competition:
Database of public examination and competition would be recorded and adjusts the teaching strategy.

Database of exam paper :
School examination paper would be recorded and adjusts the teaching strategy.

Database of EDB curriculum :
EDB curriculum would be recorded and adjusts the teaching strategy. 

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